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6 Things to kick start your job search in 2021

Everyone was waiting for 2021 in hopes that the misfortunes from 2020 would magically disappear. Well, the much-awaited year is already here with very little change. All the things we wished away are still very much here if not in an already worsened state. Still, we must keep hope that the energy of the new year is more than just a date change: a change in mindset.

Midway into January, it is important to maintain the same enthusiasm one had at the start of the year. One that was perhaps slowly fading as 2021 begins to seem more familiar. New is surely exciting, the old is not. But we can always learn numerous pearls of wisdom from what we have experienced and already know. So here are 6 things that you should know before you get started with your job search in 2021!

1. Remote working

Before applying for a job in 2021 be ready for remote working and training. You need to showcase now more than ever that you are an independent and fast learner. It might be some time before we get back to ‘normal’ workspaces: does such a thing even exist anymore?

Covid has completely challenged traditional ways of working, this means that even after the pandemic fades into the background your job might still require you to work from home partially if not completely.

Twitter for instance has already made this big move and introduced its permanent work-from-home policy, extending the new normal to “forever.” So the question remains how many more will follow?

2. Read at least one career-related book or listen to an audiobook

If you haven't already heard it a thousand times before, here you have it. Read a book or listen to an audiobook! The emphasis on reading has always been a lurking reality. This might be a boring reminder but one of the most beneficial nonetheless.

To put it into perspective you will not know what you could know without reading that book. So get started now!

3. Have a career evaluation

You won't be able to tell where you’re going if you don't know where you are. To have a good career map you need to understand the start and the journey as much as the end goal. Self-reflection is key here while the map will keep changing with time as you continue to add to it. There is no perfect map but one that is constantly improving. You are golden as long as you understand where it is leading you.

What if there is a huge gap between where you are and where you want to be? This is exactly the point! Unless you understand the gap you can't fill it.

4. Stop daily procrastination

Motivation may not come easy as you apply for jobs left and right. Coupled with the anxiety of the unknown you have yourself procrastinating on the daily. Here is the hard truth - procrastinating will definitely delay your chances of getting a job. Opportunities do not wait for you. You need to chase them.

A simple mantra to follow if you don’t do it now you will likely not do it and hence the window of opportunity passes. Procrastinating is the one enemy you want to avoid at all costs. And yes, that means prioritizing other unimportant tasks over the most necessary ones; for instance choosing to do a deep internet analysis on whale deaths when you actually should be starting the marketing job application.

5. Stop focusing on the negatives

It can be very easy to let negative thoughts seep in and dominate your daily reality. If you find yourself constantly stressing because your outlook largely remains pessimistic, then it may be time for some change.

Do you let stress and anxiety overshadow your excitement for a given job opportunity? Focusing on reasons you aren't qualified for it over the valuable skills you possess?

Anxiety followed by a series of negative thoughts can be highly concerning. You should not normalise this and take appropriate action. Get going with your 2021 job search with the right mindset: believe in yourself because you are your biggest asset.

6. Find a mentor

The job landscape today is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. Your part is to get a job and fill that role, not chasing after confusing recruiting standards. Getting help from a career mentor is the biggest investment in your career. Seeking professional career help is slowly becoming a new norm yet so many choose to take the unnecessarily long hard road. So much of that time and energy can be saved and rightly invested in getting that job.

Think about it, taking months or years for landing a job means you miss out on that much pay as well. Investing in a career coach is not only common sense but an economically smart move on that.

So don’t waste more time, for any career help contact us at!

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