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8 Career Inspiring TV Show Characters

We are what we watch - this could not be truer today. Career inspirations can come from tv series as much as from classrooms, maybe even more? We’ll leave it up to you to decide but in the meanwhile here are our top 8 badass career inspiring characters from some of our favourite tv shows. Enjoy!

Sheldon Cooper (Big bang theory)

No one can ever make science look cooler than our very own Sheldon Cooper. The quirky character has won so many hearts, not the only one in the fantastic comedy, but he definitely tops our list. His portrayal of the modern scientist is nothing less than a delight to watch. This character has redefined the image of the uncool nerd into something extraordinary, someone relatable. Cooper inspires people to find confidence in themselves and what they do, disrupting societal standards of the ‘popular.’

Rachel Green (Friends)

She is one of the most iconic characters of all time. Green’s outfits are reason enough to inspire, glamorously selling us the idea of a career. But the most significant thing about this character is her transformation from a brat to an ambitious personality. She gracefully embodies the independent woman who often has societal expectations of happiness being thrown at her - to get married and have kids. Green not only disrupts these expectations but looks good while doing so.

You don't have to be an aspirant within the fashion world to relate to her. Most of us feel the pain of not knowing what to do or wanting to quit a job you hate. Green simply lives through all of our fears and through persistence emerges a winner.

Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)

Brimming with self-confidence Yang is a real badass. She is unapologetic in her approach showing us that there is something insanely appealing in believing in ourselves. She is the queen of ‘tough love’ and always comes back stronger with every hurdle she overcomes.

She makes working hard look really good. Do we wish to be Yang and sleep at the hospital working harder than ever? Yes please!

Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

Nerdy, feminist, neurotic, awkward, and yet thoroughly enchanting, Liz Lemon was the booksmart friend who was simultaneously nervous about and yet eventually unapologetic of her uncoolness. Over the years, she inspired her writers and stars — all misfits in their own ways — to not steal her food or be like her. She would often and inevitably be proven wrong, hurt someone’s feelings or flat-out fail, but it wasn’t for lack of trying or ignoring her true nature. And this is her ultimate charm: Liz Lemon unfiltered and wearing a Princess Leia costume is a role model for anyone who feels clueless or like an outcast.

Michael Scott (The Office)

Michael Scott is TV's weirdest boss ever. Culturally tactless, chauvinistic, but also multi-faceted. a man who develops over the years into a fully-realized adult, forming close bonds with his co-workers who initially despised him. But that's not all. He encourages the workforce to get along, making the workplace an enjoyable place to be, he considers himself as not just a boss but a friend to all those who work in the office, and is determined to make the office a place of enlightenment so that his employees get more from their work days than just a paycheck.

Peggy Olson (Mad Men)

Initially, a secretary to Don Draper, an ad genius of the 60s, we follow the journey of Peggy as she fights gender politics and outright injustices to become a Creative Director at a premier ad agency. Watching Peggy, women see their own fight for respect in the office. She works twice as hard as her male contemporaries. She’s beautiful in the girl-next-door kind of way, but refuses to use her looks as a means of advancement like her colleagues do. Rather, she takes everyone's breath away with her ad campaigns and her perspectives.

Olivia Benson (Law and Order: SVU)

Olivia Benson is one of NYPD's finest detectives in the Special Victims Unit. In a world full of chaos, she brings order. While her contemporaries are brusque and rough, she is empathetic and often goes above and beyond for her victims. She’s a full-fledged human with a complete emotional palette and enough empathy and willpower for ten people willing to do anything to bring justice to her victims all the while taking no nonsense from those around her.

Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec)

One would be hard-pressed to find a more admirable, inspirational, and relatable politician than Leslie Knope — on TV or off. Even Aaron Sorkin’s mightiest prose couldn’t match the boundary-breaking affirmations of a woman who never met a challenge she couldn’t overcome with a big ‘ol binder and an even bigger smile. Leslie Knope showed us that working women aren't really like the tough, no man nonsense, ice-queen ladies whose sole intention is to get power over others. Rather, they're complex women with hearts of gold, trying their best to make the world a better place for them and others.

These are all the career inspirations you need to become a go-getter. Characters can teach us highly valuable lessons. So next time you’re watching that show pay attention to how your favourite characters could inspire you in your career journeys.

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