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Being a Professional without a Job - A COVID reality

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Time is valuable. We were always aware of this but COVID has given this clique a freshly distorted meaning. Today as time ticks we sense that tomorrow is no longer awaited, while yesterday is coveted and stability feels like a myth.

Sadly, the fact of the matter remains that recession has remained loyal and followed us into the last year of an undeniably magical decade. This was your decade so do not let an email or a phone call take all of that away from you. You realise the value of time as you read the email you never thought would be addressed to you. You see the value of time relative to your life at a company or a role that no longer is.

LinkedIn floods with posts from people repeating “job lost....15 years experience,” “20,” “30,” and so on. The once mindless bills start to look longer. We are deeply sorry if this is your story too.

At 408 Consultancy we won’t promise you an easy road. Far from it! We will in truth show you the worst part of what is here and what is to come - no sugarcoating, no half-truths. In doing so what we can and will promise you, during this trying time, is clarity- in the form of webinars, one to one career sessions, feedback, networking strategies and so much more. We will coach you into maximising your efforts and chances within current and future job markets- trust to reach out and leave the rest to us.

Preparing for what comes after a job loss is as important as preparing for a new job. What must come after a job loss is a reflection and a willingness to find new avenues of learning. It is our aim at 408 Consultancy to smoothly assist you into the job market. We want to guide you to unlearn old structures and relearn current trends that will add value to your search for that next big role.

In 1958 invented the first instant ramen giving way to the massive instant ramen industry we know of today. It is also a fact that he did this at the age of 48. This is not exclusively his inspiring story. There are countless of us who have to follow numerous cycles of ‘making it,’ close to or even later than the age of 48. Making it in school, to university then to your first job and so on. It is truly unjust when circumstances force us into these cycles, but nonetheless, we must make it again. And we can!

You’ve made it many times before and yet there is so much more to build. Your story is as

inspirational as Ando’s because you will begin again and make it again. But it doesn't end

there either as such things don't have a definitive end.

It is never too late to ask for help. So cheers to building new lives, new roles and hopefully by the end of it an improved you. You have only to gain now so we hope that at 408 Consultancy you find a map to achieving that new dream.

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