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Habits that make Billionaires

Ever wake-up, brush your teeth, drink your morning beverage and wonder why you do it? These are the most basic everyday practices of living. The three things I mentioned above are common to many yet there are minute or major differences in the manner we carry them out. My waking time will be different from yours, the beverage I choose or even the way I brush will be my own.

A habit is known as a ‘regular tendency,’ the decisions we make reflected in the actions we perform on a regular basis. We live long and full lives. Lives full of memories and new experiences. In the midst of these events we forget the old repeating habits that surprisingly form a big part of our lives - in the time spent doing them as well as how much they actually impact us.

You won’t think twice about how much time you spend on an activity as simple as brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth for about 50 seconds a day will equate to almost 3 months in your life at the age of 79. Surely you have a fond memory of an amazing holiday, was that holiday even a month long? Probably not! An average person is said to spend about 2 hours on social media everyday which then equates to over 5 years over a lifetime. 5 years of your life spent on scrolling!

The time we spend on scrolling through our socials or passive watching should shock us into being more mindful of our habits. Because let’s face it, in the internet age with the ease of a portable device perfectly fit into our hands, we tend to become distracted, perhaps even during our most tranquil time on the toilet seat.

Habits then may impact our unique life situations more than that great holiday we remember.

Habits then become a major reason for where we are and where we might be going.

What better way to understand your road to success than by looking at some of the most successful people and their habits? Not their big shiny moments, the ones we see on media, but the small everyday habits that make them as we know them today. So here are 3 Billionaires and their 3 habits that may help you get up and beyond.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

The once youngest person to become a billionaire has a great habit of annually setting himself with a big personal challenge. Examples of some of Zuckerberg's past challenges are: running a mile every day, reading a new book every two weeks and learning Mandarin.

Challenging yourself can be one of the most impactful success triggering behaviours, as it sets you up into an achiever mindset.

2. Jeff Bezos

He was recently dethroned as the richest man alive but he still remains one of the most legendary people in history. Bezos has fundamentally transformed the way we shop, this has been realised especially during the pandemic.

The Billionaire's uniquely curious habit is that he likes to “putter in the morning,” to give himself enough time to slowly unwind during the early hours. This simply indicates to his early rising habit. The greatness is not in that he is an early riser but in that it gives him enough time to get into a good headspace. And what is success if not a mindset, right?

3. Elon Musk

Last but certainly not the least is the now richest man alive. His success of course is measured not only by the wealth he has accumulated but the innovations through which he has changed the world along with his visions for the future.

Musk is a known bookworm and his reading habits certainly must have added a great value to his innovative thinking over the years. Here is what he had to say about it:

“I learn what I need to learn to accomplish my objectives, and I think most people can do this, but they often self-limit. People are more capable than what they think. If you do something like read a lot of books and talk to a lot of people, you can learn almost anything.”

Don’t let it get you down if you’re not a reader yourself. Musk’s reading habit simply reflects that he is constantly learning - so if you are able to learn even 1% everyday from anything you do and increase that by 1% over comfortable periods of time you can be assured that you have pocketed this one great habit.

These seemingly simple habits made Billionaires. I don’t believe any of the 3 would’ve been where they are without them.

What more are you waiting for? Take any of these 3 habits and make it your own.

The most successful people never sky from asking help when they need it so if you find yourself struggling with your career contact us at

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