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How choosing the wrong career can be damaging

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word ‘career’ is to ponder over what the right path is for them. People spend a lifetime chasing an unknown passion. Maybe they find it maybe they don't but most people have it in them to keep chasing. Well here is a little piece of insight - there is no one right career.

There I said it!

There will be many who will cry out that they’ve found their heart’s passion or their mind’s calling. To them I say read it again. I said there is no ONE right path - instead there are multiple. We are not one thing, we find our calling in family, in adventure, in books but even in our professional lives we can find happiness in multiple routes. This is determined by numerous complex factors not all of which are under our control.

Have you ever heard of someone or yourself experienced, hating a subject in school because the teacher was a horror? Or maybe falling in love with a seemingly difficult subject because the teacher was amazing? Well this is in a nutshell how things might change or develop in your professional life as well.

But today we are not going to ponder much on the right career path. That is entirely yours to chase. Only remember to thoughtfully weigh all of your interests. There is no one right answer. In fact more is in your hands than you realise.

Today we will talk about the thing that most definitely does exist and what many struggle with, the wrong career choice. Again in this too you may encounter multiple that are not your cup of tea. It is as important, if not more, to steer clear of the wrong career paths as it is to chase your passions.

Being a misfit in your own career can be one of the most harrowing experiences in life. A job brings with it financial independence which is great, but when those financials are tied to something you dislike doing on a daily basis, it can be arduous to get by.

You spend a good amount of time working in your job or on your career goals. Being unsatisfied in the thing you do almost everyday in one form or the other can lead to major mental stress. To protect yourself from this you need to better understand yourself along with the choices you make at every step of your journey. To note here that not everyone’s path is linear and that is completely alright.

The effects of being in a wrong role or a wrong company or a wrong field altogether can be highly toxic. It is suggested that unhappiness relating to your job can actually lead to long term health problems. They are even accompanied by major anxiety and even depression.

A happy career then means a happier mind.

So if you are beginning your career path, tread with caution as much as passion.

If you are in what feels like a moderately dulling role then there is still much time left to reconsider before it gets ugly.

But even if you are someone who is stricken with anxiety, it is never too late to start over. You’ve done it before and this time you know what doesn’t work for you. This insight into yourself is enough to help you on your new path.

Everything considered trust that investing in a career coach now should be as instinctive as going to a doctor. Think of it as an investment into one of the most important areas of your life. Just as you would visit the dentist on behalf of an aching tooth, visit a coach to ease that dull pain caused by an unsatisfying job. Do not ignore it as it will not go away on its own. It will stay and rot until it has negatively affected the surrounding teeth and so on. Protect your mind and career as you would with any pain in your body.

To figure this out you can contact 408 Consultancy at any time. We have your back!

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