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How to land a job and why you might need help!

Finding a career path today is not as easy, compared to even 20 years before. Today we live in a world with a myriad of career options. Job boards are filled with many scrumptious looking roles. But in reality a large chunk of the skilled population struggle to land a job- the irony that stares us in the face. While 2020 has not been a friend, this was true even before the Pandemic.

The Pandemic has made worse what was an already bleak job market. Why has it become fundamentally harder to find a job in this era? Well for one automation has rocked many jobs into nonexistence as it continues to threaten several others.

An article by CNBC in 2019 states that only hard skills does not land you a job as employers look for soft skills that enable you to adapt to future automation of your job.

Then there is the development of Artificial Intelligence- machines whose very purpose is to replace human work and thinking. A Forbes article voiced the concerns over the changes in the job market in the start of 2019- way before the 2020 Pandemic was in sight. It’s predictions include threats of new technologies and alarms of the drastic increase of unemployment levels. Again this was before the Pandemic which has only sped this process.

With rampant technological advancement, being human seems like a crime- it can be especially stressful when seeking a job. A lot of the work we do or careers we take on seem to become more and more redundant as we are ruthlessly threatened to be replaced by unsympathetic machines.

It is more relevant than ever to have a plan, to be adaptable to abrupt tantrums of the market and prepare for a job environment that favours this forced versatility. Every business starts with hopes to solve a problem in the world, 408 Consultancy envisions to equip the struggling with the right armor to fight against the ever challenging requirements of companies.

We aim to give this increasingly callous hiring process a human touch.

Not all is bad news. The reason our consultancy exists is validation that there is a solution. How then do you land a job? Well a lot depends on you and a bit on us. To land ‘any’ job is a game of numbers and even that it’s not a given.

408 Consultancy does not assure you a path to get just any job. Our one to one sessions allows you to explore what you are good at or how to get where you want to be in your career. To land a job that aligns with your future goals is most sought after but unfortunately it’s what most people struggle with.

How many people have you met who absolutely love their job? Some eventually get to what they love doing only after years of frustrated attempts and wasted energy. Even then it is truly a gamble of luck. This happens because most people mindlessly apply, apply and apply. For a moment of panic when it seems like everyone around you is moving on with their careers, you are ready to settle for anything. In doing so you lose sight of the long term. Save yourself years of time and energy by planning now. Don’t rush into it. This is not a game of numbers but of time and patience.

Whether you are someone who is struggling to get your foot in the door or someone who is struggling to get to what they want, we can help you. You have probably heard of people saying that landing a job these days has a lot to do with luck. In truth such blind strokes of luck work for barely a few- for it isn’t luck but their oblivion to not knowing what worked for them.

Believe that you will get there not with luck but with hard work and persistence.

The reason for your struggles are strongly linked to various factors and from experience your struggle is unique to you, your background mingled with other general things like for example your sector of work. In this kind of environment there is no number of articles or research that can alone guide you to your dream job.

Well if you are still wondering how to land a job or that job? It is evidence enough that you need help. So why not just contact 408 Consultancy and ask us directly? With 408 Consultancy you will find the guidance to steer you through this tricky and rapidly changing job market.

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