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The importance and future of analytics for everybody

You probably already know of the analytics boom and if you haven't then this article will explain to you its possible significance in your career journey. Whether you are seeking job opportunities or just driven to maximise your career potential there is no denying that analytics can make a huge difference. First you may be wondering what is analytics.

According to Oracle analytics is the process of ‘discovering, interpreting and communicating’ data patterns. It uses data to create various business solutions.

In the internet age we dabble with online data on the daily even if you are not aware of it. For instance your liking a post on facebook is the activity of creating new data online which is then used by Facebook to produce specific interpretations.Taking this into account you can now probably understand how ingrained data is in our society, but of course what this data is used for is the most significant part of it. This is where analytics comes into play.

Interpretations of the data we provide can be performed within various sectors- it can be used in marketing, research, engineering, and consulting among many others. Its versatility within all industries is the key benefit to you in your path to a successful career.

All businesses benefit from data but the key is when data is analysed optimally it can greatly expand business opportunities and increase profits. At present analytics as mentioned has been very versatile but as the analytics boom continues, its influence on old and new markets is growing. What this means for you is that you don’t have to be a data analyst to benefit from it within your own career.

The analytics boom is the increase in demand for skills of data analysis. It is a direct result of the massive availability of data online and the ease of access as opposed to when data was collected on paper.

How then does this tie to you if you’re not directly pursuing a path in data analytics? Well for starters the hard line between job roles is constantly fading. Think of it this way, imagine having to perform any high skilled job without knowing how to use a computer or the internet- this can be highly inconvenient or in many cases it is impossible. Understanding analysis of data is the next big tech literacy requirement that will be a must to get hired or to climb the ladder.

In a way it is already an untold want that companies look for. If you are looking for a job it will be highly beneficial for you to show that you’re data savvy. This is why data analytics graduates are increasingly filling the job roles in various different industries.

Are you a writer? Well analytics can help you understand what blog content does better.

Starting a business? It can provide you with the insights for your business that can boost profits and even increase customer loyalty among many other wonders.

I hope I’ve established a point here! Now let's talk about the future.

Analytics will impact all our lives more significantly over time. The data we feed into entertainment streaming platforms such as netflix will influence the future content production. More NGOs will use data to better guide their targeting and messaging activities online. The data we feed into anything online determines a lot of our reality today and will increasingly continue to determine our everyday.

When it comes to the impact of data analytics on future careers, it is massive. It is starting to look like understanding data will become the foundation of most careers in the future. Looking for career longevity? Then join this colossal trend and get ahead of the curve to not only benefit from present opportunities but secure a stable future.

If you are still confused as to where to start and not sure how to map this thorough that is what we are here for. 408 consultancy offers multiple webinars on different analytics tools that can help you get that start. We also offer consultations to help you understand how you can transform your career with data analytics.

You don't have to be a data analyst to understand or interpret data. Wondering how analytics can help your career specifically? Go ahead and drop us an email at

See you there!

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