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What People Are Saying

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Sandesh Thakur

I am very much thankful to 408 Consultancy for helping me to secure a job it really has made my 2021!

I had the Profile Dissection Seminar and they helped me in upgrading my CV. We made important changes to my LinkedIn which resulted in me finding a job!

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Rohan Dsouza

I came across 408 Consultancy on social media and really wanted to know where I was lacking with my job search, went ahead and booked a seminar with fingers crossed. Through out the session I had been guided with all the insights of LinkedIn , CV and particularly job search methods.

I am really thankful to 408 Consultancy for helping me out with all the possible methods and one thing I was so happy about is they are 24*7 available to help you out.

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Tselane Mafojane

My CV really grabbed the recruiter's attention, his feedback was he's hasn't come across anything like it, he was super impressed!

I have secured my new internship, thanks to all the team at 408 Consultancy!

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Ramesh Kharje

I wanted to take a moment to thank 408 Consultancy for your help, support, encouragement, throughout the pandemic. 

I found the analytics/profile dissection seminar extremely useful, the advice was specific to me. I’m more confident and this was reflected when I secured my new job!

I can not stress how valuable this seminar was for me, my family, and my career!

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Sohini Saha

I had a great Profile Dissection seminar with 408 Consultancy. They helped me to dissect my CV and understand the important elements of it.

They gave me an understanding of how LinkedIn search can be optimized for better job search results, really appreciate the valuable feedback.

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Amit Sharma

I had a Career Program for Professionals Seminar with 408 consultancy, where in we discussed the profile, CV, LinkedIn and how to actually optimise my job search.

I was not only helped with my CV but also got an insight about various things related to career progressing. 408 went an extra mile for me and extended the support for future too in case I need any help. Kudos to the team.

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Sonali Choudhary

I had a really good seminar with 408 Consultancy. We talked about skills that analyst's would use in a commercial environment, I feel much more confident about my skills both professionally and personally.

We spent time improving my LinkedIn job search techniques, edited my CV and learned how to do presentations professionally on Microsoft Teams/Zoom.

I enjoyed learning how to use Tableau in a commercial environment especially the modern/cool graphical visualisation techniques.

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Prabhleen Bhatia 

Truly appreciate the invaluable insights and advice I received on my CV, LinkedIn Profile and navigating the European job market.

Thank you so much for all your help 408 Consultancy!

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Andrew Williams

I was introduce to 408 Consultancy via a good friend. We had a really good session about data, analytics, remote working, career tips and soft skills that are essential in a career.

If you want valuable guidance and support to steer your career in the right direction this is the best place!

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Tanya Shrivastava

I recently got an opportunity to attend a very informative session on how to use Tableau in a commercial environment generating actionable insights!

I also joined the profile dissection seminar which included in-depth feedback and dissection of my CV and suggestions to optimize my Linkedin Profile.

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Aparna Ramaswamy

I'd like to take a minute to thank 408 Consultancy in taking time to take a look at my CV and give valuable insights into it. The inputs were very helpful to me and gave me an idea about editing my CV.

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Jerrin John

408 Consultancy is best in the game when it comes to making your profile look different from others. I learnt more in 30 minutes than previously from any lecture!

Thanks guys!

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Jithendra Pothuganti

The session is really good and made sense at the point at which my career was heading.

Most of the things we ignore were pointed out and were extremely necessary for my CV and LinkedIn profile!

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