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Are you ready to get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Attitudes towards the COVID-19 vaccines has been changing rapidly, the desperation to return to normality is pushing people towards the vaccine. Data from Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation survey suggests 2 in 3 people (or 65%) would incline towards taking the vaccine in 2021.

A quick snapshot survey on our Instagram story reveals a similar picture with 55% showing willingness to take the vaccine from a total of 88 people.

Amor Fati is the Social Media Executive for a leading Digital Marketing Solution Provider in India and had this to say,

"I have mixed feelings about this vaccine. I have had COVID already, but as we all know chances are it might repeat so I don't want to fall into the handful category. In a country like India, it would be okay to delay getting the vaccine and allow elders to get it first, for the interim let us all stick to masks"

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Stay safe, maintain social distancing!

Happy Sunday!

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