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Christmas 2020

Christmas is here gold, green and red, with all its glamorous lights, uplifting carols and its holiday cheer. It is truly the season to be jolly as most of the world witnesses Christmas making the rounds on social media. This is the beauty of our online existence where we find the space to celebrate the same holidays from various locations and time zones.

It is that time of the year so close to the end when we reflect and manage to find that lingering bit of cheer.

Christmas is wholesome only when the stories pour in. The stories of hope and the lessons to be learned. I believe that Christmas is the perfect holiday for a year like 2020 because it gives us time to actually be in the moment with our loved ones and brings our attention to the more important things life has to offer. Before we end a seemingly unprecedented year, let’s soak in the magic that Christmas renders to all of us.

In the time of giving we stack the gifts under the majestically lit tree or more realistically into our Amazon carts, as is the way of living right now. What I’d love to know though is - what are you giving yourself this Christmas?

Come the holiday season we sit back and relax. Everything slows down but there is always good work to be done, Santa for instance has a lot on his plate. Before you tease you must admit that this holiday season would not be complete without our favorite reindeer and his red nose - a symbol of hope in darkness.

If you haven't heard of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you have certainly seen him. Well just everywhere really. He leads the sleigh on which Santa sits, without him there would be no gifts. No, not even in your Amazon cart - do not try to argue with me on this!

But who really is Rudolph and why is he important? Why is he leading what is possibly the most important vehicle around this time of the year? Probing into the very important questions here. In all seriousness though, Rudolph’s story is truly significant. Over the years it has reminded me of the strength I have in me to change much more than I ever thought I could. So without further ado I present to you the story of the red nosed reindeer.

As you may have guessed he is a reindeer with a luminous red nose.

He was ridiculed by the other reindeers for this peculiarity. He was distressed by humiliation, insecurities and the yearning to fit in. Sound familiar? Well this is the sad reality of what most of us go through, but why fit in when you can outshine right? - because shine, he did!

He saved Christmas against the darkest storm that could be navigated only with his dazzling red nose. What once was perceived to be a weakness is now the strongest asset. This story never ceases to teach me one of the most valuable of lessons - that of owning your uniqueness.

This is why it is crucial to reimagine our perceptions. Many a time we can impede our own growth. With the pandemic countless hardships have followed. Yet this Christmas I urge you to find that bright red light and ask yourself - Why are you looking for that job? Why are you in that role? Or, Where can you put your red nose to good use?

A humiliating interview resulted in the establishment of 408 Consultancy. You either let it break you or take you much higher - this depends on you.

With this I leave you, Merry Christmas everyone and let your nose shine bright!

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